Women's Ministry

We are launching a new year of community
for women, with the hopes that ALL of you feel known and connected.
We want women at SBC to find a place that they feel connected. A place they can grow, and a place they feel inspired. G.E.M is our new Women's Ministry 'year round' event. You simply sign up for what you love, inspires you or what you want to learn. It consists of women gathering together to build community! Do you want to sip coffee and talk about Jesus? Learn how to cook a french meal? Have a baby and need a break? Or go on a beautiful hike? Connection starts once you fill out the form below!
We hope this is a way women feel SEEN, CONNECTED, and excited about Jesus!

If you are interested in leading a group please email kathylevering@gmail.com

Activities and Meet Ups


See our Bible studies happening now!


•When moms are resourced, when moms are elevated, when moms are educated, when moms are empowered to do what they are meant to do in the world, everyone is better because of it.•


If you are interested in volunteering in Women's Ministry please click the link below

Kathy Levering

Kathy Levering is our Women's Ministry Director.
contact: kathylevering@gmail.com