A Much Different Picture
June 15th, 2023
Do you ever wonder whether or not you have any business walking with Jesus?As we approach God and His law, some of us will see Him and His law as the great intimidator. Some will see Him and His law a...  Read More
by Emily Turner
I Have Decided
June 8th, 2023
What have you decided on lately? My decisions for today have included but have not been limited to how much creamer to put in my coffee, which photos or videos to use in an Instagram reel, what to say...  Read More
by Emily Turner
The Baton
May 31st, 2023
May 30, 2023I am still recovering from Sunday. And it's Wednesday. I have said this over and over again to our staff team- Sunday just really moved me. At one point during the youth-led worship set, I...  Read More
by Emily Turner
Psalms: Tears, Psalm 126
May 24th, 2023
MAY 23, 2023WATCH SERMON HERE.What does life feel like right now for you?Goodness. Lately for me it feels like as soon as I get ahead, or feel like I get ahead of a task or parenting move, the rains c...  Read More
by Emily Turner
Psalms: Chasing Happy
May 15th, 2023
May 15, 2023CHASING HAPPYWatch here.Are we equating a blessed life with a happy life?A couple of Sundays ago, while I was standing under the Commons, a few of us ladies were chatting about the week pr...  Read More
by Emily Turner
Hope for the Hurting: Week One
April 24th, 2023
It has been obvious to our whole staff team that God is and has been pressing on us to lean in to what He says about mental health. From joining a county-wide collective on mental health advocacy and ...  Read More
by Emily Turner
The Best News Ever: Easter
April 13th, 2023
The Best News For All People: Easter Sunday (4.9.2023)Lead Pastor: Nate LeveringClick here for 4/9 live streamClick here for 4/9 bulletinHe is Risen!He is risen indeed!What a God we have.Peter says it...  Read More
by Emily Turner
Missions Update: Ecuador
April 5th, 2023
......  Read More
by Emily Turner
A Posture of Worship in the Everyday
April 2nd, 2023
Hopeful farm girl and local barista, Megan Ehle is not new to the idea of worship. As Comfort and I sat with her over coffee, hearing the story of how she not only came to believe in Jesus, but how sh...  Read More
by Emily Turner
The Best News Ever: World
March 27th, 2023
March 26, 2023SBC Missionary, Jeff JohnsonWatch here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bucvPLSLwycBulletin: https://files.constantcontact.com/c2198295101/1c62dec3-6846-4419-972d-6cde41631eb0...  Read More
by Emily Turner
The Best Ever.
March 22nd, 2023
Wrapping up the Exodus series, you've heard me say this and I'll say it again, I learned so much! Didn't you? What I continued to see was God repeatedly inviting His people into a relationship with Hi...  Read More
by Emily Turner
Exodus: March 12
March 13th, 2023
March 12, 2023Nate Milnik, Sunday TeacherClick here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu_sxYwTY8gDo you or have you ever struggled as a Believer to know what to do, or why you should do it?Goo...  Read More
by Emily Turner